Scholarships are given out by March 1 of each year, following the audition period. They are based on:

  1. Need of the Choral/Vocal Division on a given year
  2. Academics of the singer (at least a 3.0 is required to receive and maintain any scholarship, named award, or non-resident tuition waiver)
  3. Sight reading ability of the singer
  4. Demonstrated vocal ability at the audition

Choral/Vocal scholarships are determined at the time of the audition, and award letters are sent out on about March 1 each year.

Academic awards (through Financial Aid office) are not handled by the School of Music. For academic awards, and other general university scholarships beyond music, please check with Financial Aid. A student can have multiple scholarships from various areas/departments of the university. 

Non-resident tuition waivers (out-of-state tuition waivers) are available in the choral/vocal area for music majors and music minors. Recipients must apply for these at the time of the audition.